Pets - How do you train a lion cub ?

How do you train a lion cub ?

The training of a domestic animal has absolutely nothing to do with that of an exotic animal. These are wilder, more recalcitrant and therefore very dangerous. If you are challenged to train a lion, it is best to do so while it is still small. Here are some techniques by which you can quickly tame a cub. Creating Habit and Trust One of the most proven techniques for lion cub training is habit and trust building. The idea is to get the animal used to your presence and therefore to trust you. To do this, you will begin to enter his cage. It is highly recommended to go in gradually. Just stand in front of the cage and spend some time there. This should be enough for a start. Then, you will have to enter by taking precautions which make you out of reach of the animal. You may also want to...