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Dog’s Sensitivity Level

Dogs are friendly animals. Most dogs can socialize well with people even with strangers. However, there are also dog breeds that are very sensitive when they see strangers in their master's home. This is a good characteristic of this animal for the protection and security of the home especially from thief or robbers. There are many situation where a dog can show its sensitivity.

Body language is a helpful way to communicate with your dog. Your own dog can sense what you feel through your actions or even your facial expression. What about you? Can you know how your dog feels or what it want to say through its actions? By using their sense of sight, smell, and hearing, we can know that they are more sensitive than us, humans.

Each home is very different. The members of a household are also different from each other. What happens when a very sensitive dog enters a  messy and noisy home with children? Your dog with a low tolerance in a noisy environment can never survive. It would be better to adopt a dog that can tolerate such noise. Some dogs that has low sensitivity levels are Alaskan Malamute, Akita, Alaskan Klee Kai, Beagle, Poodle, and a lot more. These dog breeds have a high tolerance in noise.

If you live in a crowded and noisy place, choose dogs that have a low sensitivity level. How can you know if your dog is hungry? When you look at its eyes, you can actually see that it is begging for food. Dogs are truly amazing animals!