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How to Tame Dogs

How do we tame a dog? Numerous people have no idea of how to tame a dog while they are having a dog. Some dogs gets upset so easily dew to their nature. This is how we do it. Apply for your dog and we assure that these are effective.

Smile at your dog. Dogs can sense what smiles mean. It looks good for them. This is why they are supposed to be smiled at. If the dog is angry, never show anger to him since this will raise the anger of the dog.

Always play with your dog. Play always with your dog. If a dog becomes playful with his master, he will become close to him and soon he will follow what he teaches him. This is why the master's effort is necessary. They are not humans to play with but they feel happiness when they see their master.  He also misses his master once he starts to be close with him.

Talk to your dog when he is angry. When your dog is angry, talk to him in a calm way. Comfort him when he upset at something. He might be angry because there is someone sitting beside you that he does not like. Try to explain thins like he can understand. Did you know that flowers grow healthily if they always hear heart-warming words from their caretaker? How much more to animals that can hear voices!

Take your dog away from inconvenience. If dogs feel the affection of their master, they will quickly be tamed naturally. This is because just as love can melt a frozen heart, love can tame a wild animal.