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How Wildlife Animals are Threatened by their Enemies

Many wildlife animals are being threatened by their enemies such as the same animals like them, human being and plants. How are these animals threatened by their enemies? According to world wide news, many animals on land are being hunted by another animals. This is the system of the ecosystem. The relationship of animals is prey-predator. This is why they can not escape from this.

In the sea, they are also being hunted by the their predators. Human being too are the threat of these animals.

Fishes in the sea can die though they are not being hunt. This is because they can die through the chemicals, plastics, plastic bottles thrown in their habitat. Another thing is that the plants that have a high level of chemicals die in water, they too can die.

Birds too in the sky are being shot by their enemies, human beings. If they are not shot, they are trapped on fake nests made by humans. and this accounting industry look at here Even though this is the system of the ecosystem, we humans should not abuse it.

If we abuse this, then how will our habitat be like also. Animals, plants should live their lives. Prey-predator should continue on this earth because without this, this world can never be a place to live in. However, we have to control what we have to do. We have to make sure that there is no abuse in our community. We have to take pity on our habitat because it is important to live with them.