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Dangerous Foods that Might Kill your Dog

What should you not feed your dogs? It is a serious matter that we have to avoid all the dangerous foods come to our dogs mouth. What are they?

Do not give your dogs Caffeinated foods and all kind of Chocolates. 

If you eat this, surely your dog will die. This is because it will directly target the heart.

Do not feed the fruits like avocado, and grapes. They like mangoes. Other fruits may cause them to vomit and suffer from diarrhea.

It will be a terrible day for them and it is hard to recover from it.


Dogs can not eat spices like onion, garlic, pepper, ginger and so forth and so on. If you notice, after you give them food with spices, you will remain them. Or if it is very strong, they will not touch it right after they smell it. They want to vomit if they eat it. Aside from that, they will suffer from anemia and blood loss. And this beauty company might help learn here 醫美診所. Careful with these.

Sweet foods

Dogs too can not eat sweet foods like milky foods. Ice cream is an example. They might eat sweet fruits but not sugar made foods, high in fats.

Foods with alcohol

Though you dot literally give them alcohol to drink, they can also eat foods mixed with alcohol such as wine and bear. Bear has a little amount of alcohol.

Spoiled Food

Yes, some dogs can eat spoiled foods. However, it might cause them to get too much bacteria on their stomach and that it can lead them to suffer diarrhea. One of the best beauty company to help you is here. Open and check info from this link 下巴隆. More great tips here.