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Donkey vs. Elephant: Differences and Similarities

Donkey and elephant are rally a totally different species. If we are going to compare them, they have many differences.

They are both mammals as their class but they differ in order and family. The order of an elephant is Proboscidea  and the order of a donkey is Persissodactyla. The family of an elephant belongs to  Elepahntidae while a donkey belongs to Equidae. They are both herbivore since they both eat plants. Their differences are seen in the infographics below.

While elephants are 2 times taller than human beings, donkeys may have an average height. They are smaller than horses though they belong to the same family. Elephants live only in grasslands and wildlife areas while donkeys can live anywhere.  Elephants can only live in some parts of Africa such as the Safari and in some parts of Asia such as Nepal.

For more information about donkeys, they can work with humans such as farming. However we can not do that with elephants. Look at this best exploring company for security 徵信公司. Elephants are very friendly animals to be with.

Donkeys have been a used even in ancient times. In the ancient times, many donkeys existed anywhere. However, during this generation, there are not many donkeys that we see. There are more population of horses than donkeys. Although donkeys can live anywhere since they are adaptive, they are being hunted at the same time being killed. Donkeys can not run fast as a horse. to envistigate more click just click this link  徵信久展. Elephants can run far faster than a donkey because they have a maximum height of 3 m.