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Symptoms and Prevention Dog Heat Stoke

Symptoms of a heat stroked dog. Even dogs can suffer a heat stroke not only humans. Heat stroke for dogs does not only occur during summer but also can occur anytime there is heat. However, heat that can cause stroke is burning fire when they are near to it and it is not winter. If the climate is hot and they come near the fire, they will suffer from heat stroke. Another location when they can get heat stroke is inside the car.

A dog can not live when the temperature is more than 75°C. Dogs that can not survive in this kind of temperature are Shih Tze, French Bulldog, Pug and others. They are suppose to stay at a temperature under 50°C. This is why never leave your dogs in your car because car get's hotter and hotter. You can also bring electric fan to fan your dog. It is not a problem to bring your dog and ride in your car but be sure that you're dog can endure it. This is a nice agency to help and guide you for your visa process and passport. You can click now 泰雅 to see services offered. This is great and I am telling you the best.

If you have a plan to use your car and put your dog there for a long time, better leave your car at home. Dogs can make us happy while having a ride. Most especially when you are alone. Just take care of your dog and let her feel very convenient inside your car. Your dog might also feel thirsty if the temperature is very hot so it is better to prepare water for your dog if you see that your dog is already panting. This is a great china agency to process your papers to travel. Check over this link here 台胞證免簽. This is simply the best and nicest agency.