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Tips to Prevent Housefire for your Own Safety and your Pet

When you go out leaving your house, what are the things that you have to be careful of? If you go out leaving your pet at home, make sure that you safely tie it on its neck. Why? You don't want your house to be in trouble, do you? Leaving your pet at home without putting on a dog chain collar on its neck and safely tying it, your house will be in trouble. The most dangerous thing that could happen is when your house is set on fire.

If you don't want that terrible thing to happen, put in mind the important safety tips for you and your pet. Be reminded that you have to always be prepared for an emergency because no one knows what will happen next. For your own protection and your pet as well, follow the important tips mentioned below.

Make sure that your gas stove and gas tank are in safety. Gas stoves and gas tanks must be secured especially before you leave the house. Your pet may possibly play around. To avoid fire from the gas stove or gas tank, carefully check it before leaving.

Never leave candles unattended. This is the most dangerous source of house fire. Even though you are in a hurry to leave your house, make sure that there are no lighted candles around because your pet don't know the danger it could bring. Candles can be tipped over by your pet's paw or tail.

Check for other potential hazards. Loose wires are also the possible source of fire. Make sure that everything is carefully inspected before going out.