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Endangered Animals that Must be Protected

Now, we can see that many animals are endangered and even going to be extinct. It is not easy to find all of them. However, there have been many animals which are found as extinct such as the Philippine Tortoise, Philippine Eagle and so forth. Many endangered animals such as Rhinoceros, Lynx, Dolphin, Tiger and so forth and so on. It has been a controversy why of how we can solve this problem in the global area. If they they're gone, no more another of the same kind.

Although they some are kept in zoos, their habitat is still the place where they can live their happy life. Why are they becoming extinct and endangered? Of course, because of human beings. It is said in the reports and researches that it is human greed that brought this situation to worse. It is no longer a place of many kinds of animals but only few are there. If there is no way to protect them, them there is no way to protect human beings too. See hoe this company will solve you leaking problem from your house. You can check their site and go 祥發公司 from here. This is so nice.

It is human population that brings us to this crisis. Actually, since we are going in population we surely have to grab the animals habitat. It is the animals that suffers because of us. However, what to do? We can not just stop the increasing of the population. If animals get to disappear, there will be no life too in their population. If all animals go endangered, then humans too become endangered. We can not survive without the animals because we are surviving through the principle of the food web.