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Discover the Intellectuals of Wildlife Kingdom

When it comes to intellectual animals, there are some having large brains and there are some having small brains too. It is very clear that size is not the only basis for intellectual thinking. According to research, Dolphins,  elephants are animals that have large brains and they are regarded as the most intelligent animals on this earth. However, there is an animal that has the largest brain on earth, the sperm shark. However, it is not even more intelligent than a dolphin nor a giraffe.

Hippopotamus, which brain is larger than a cat is less intellectual than a cat. This is why it is not only size that proves the intellectual level of an animal. What about the human brain? Why are we considered the most intelligent creatures on earth though there are animals which brains are larger than ours? It is because we have different structure of the body. For example, our brain has millions of cells that is functioning for it. Another thing is that our brain is more structured than animals' brains.  Make an amazing decoration for your home. See info about this decorating company 室內設計. What else can you wait for, come and visit this industry.

However, millions of years ago, human beings existed with the same brain as humans. Where is an evidence of archaeological research that there were humans like us million years ago? Why are there no fossils about a humans having a straight body although there had been many fossils of many different kinds of creatures found? However, our body structure is far totally different from the animals body. The most intellectual creatures on earth should be grateful a lot.