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Tutorial for Dog Training

Having dogs untrained and untamed is so boring. This is why we have to make dogs very active and disciplined so that we can appreciate them in any way like how we appreciate our human friends. Dogs can be very dear to us if they are trained and if they are more than just a dog. How to train dogs? Here are the basic steps.

Eye to eye contact. Basically, smart dogs should respond to call. If we have dogs but they do not look at us or even care for our affection to them, how boring would it be? Dogs can not respond to simple calling. It means we have to catch their attention by making our actions catchy. Or even create a strange sound so that they will pay attention to you. For example, we can not just stand in front of them and look at them aiming that they will also look at us the way we do to them. You can put something on your face that catches their attention and always look into their eyes.

Waiting food. Teach the dog on how to wait. They can sense if the food is ready or not. So they can bark if they want to ask for something. In order to do so, let down the food but do not let them touch it. If they want to touch, cover the food and pull them away from it. If they stop jumping around, open the food the food. Do this as many as you can until you see him not touching the food even though it is placed in front of him.

Waste. After eating, bring the dog to somewhere, toilet or some place where they can do it. Follow how they poop or pee and let them see how you do it so they may also follow.